Utilities, Transport, Housing & Local Government

Your challenges

Your markets
A consumer orientated market where prices are falling and choice increasing.
A heavily regulated environment which puts additional strain onto existing resources.
Aging assets that require continual investment to maintain optimal performance.
Increasing employment and supply chain costs.
Balancing long term investment against short term gain.
Engaging workforces against this backdrop of continual cost pressure.

As leaders
Develop a strategy that stabilises todays organisation and builds for tomorrows improved organisation- the WHY, the WHAT and the HOW.
Create an environment that supports improvement at both project and incremental level.
Create systems that ensure every person in the organisation understands how they can contribute to organisational success.
Promote a coaching culture, where recognition and learning are daily habits.
Managing complex multi-site, multi culture organisations whilst delivering a common message- breaking down Silos.
Balance the complex needs of your customer groups with delivering improvement- regulators, consumers, shareholders, environment, employees etc.

As managers
Develop systems and people that continually deliver the increasing demands of your customer both in the short and long term.
Develop governance systems that promote dynamic problem solving and cross functional improvement.
Utilise assets, resources and materials, to ensure maximum return for the organisation.
Create a coaching culture with continual learning for all work teams.
Work towards the inverted organisational pyramid- prompting the efficiency of front line staff.

Front line staff
Work to agreed standards and become focused on the customer.
Continually develop job and improvement skills to ensure maximum efficiency and potential for development.
Become involved in improvement , bring new ideas, work with other areas take on best practice.
Be prepared to be coached and to ensure tomorrows work is better than today.
Take on the organisations strategy and work towards its future.

How can we help?
Building on our long experience of working in your sector we have developed the following offerings:
A ‘maturity assessment’ to establish current performance versus strategic objectives, leading to a prioritised roadmap for improvement to achieve Enterprise Excellence or Shingo standard.
A strategy formation and deployment system that develops both key process indicators and key behavioural indicators.
A dynamic business governance system that ensures information is deployed as quickly as it is escalated.
A leadership development programme that builds leaders as coaches so ensuring ideal behaviours and results are achieved.
A fully integrated process improvement package that looks at ‘Customer Value’, sales acquisition, asset or process introduction, asset performance, asset maintenance and supply chain. See our Total Productive Maintenance page for more detail on our asset management offering.
A fully integrated university accredited people offer that looks at upskilling in key improvement skills, coaching, people lifecycle management, learning and development. Continual Professional Development (CPD) accreditation is also available on a number of our courses.

Contacting us
If you feel we can help or you need any additional information, you can email Andy Miles direct, or fill in Andy’s contact form on his bio page.

Kat Stolworthy, Surey CC

Frank Schepers, Suez Environmental

Clare Hickson, formerly United Utlities

Dwr Cymru & their CI Roll Out

“This appointment is great news for us as we start to broaden our deployment across the business, and deepen our approach in Waste and Water. S A Partners bring with them a wealth of understanding and knowledge, and we are looking forward to working with them.

This broader approach will build on the success of the Lean RCM work, which will continue to form a key part of the overall programme. The Lean RCM teams are doing some great work, and we will ensure this continues to be delivered well across Water and Wastewater and this will form a key part of the programme going forward.

This broader approach will build on the success of the Lean RCM work, which will continue to form a key part of the overall programme. The Lean RCM teams are doing some great work, and we will ensure this continues to be delivered well across Water and Wastewater. The RCM element of Lean Deployment will form a key part of the wider programme.”

Mat Jackson, Lean Programme Manager – Dwr Cymru

Selection of SA Partners for United Utilities (UU) was heavily influenced by their methodology and approach to upskilling which we found particularly outstanding. They were the only supplier who recognised both continuous improvement (incremental change) and discontinuous improvement (transformational change) which reflected the nature of UU and the process changes required. They also provided evidential ‘insights’ that had been lacking from previous process work conducted within the organisation, which enabled tangible process improvements to be made which were sustainable and delivered better value for customers.

SA Partners were interacting with executive board members on a daily basis, would respond immediately to requests, changing requirements, and areas of sensitivity. They were flexible and extremely amenable to working ‘with’ UU rather than ‘telling’ UU how to affect process change.

SA Partners were asked to deliver a challenging programme of work, initially consisting of 8 end-to-end process streams cutting across the entire utility business – one of which was ‘customer to cash’ (which also included debt collection). Requirements included current & future state process mapping using a replicable methodology, involvement and upskilling of UU staff, delivery in excess of £50m efficiencies across the programme, rigorous governance and the ability to liaise and influence the Executive Board. This they achieved – and went on to undertake further process work upon completion of the original scope.

Clare Hickson, Formerly United Utilities

Reflecting upon his personal experience on the Lean Competency System level 2a – BB capability development programme.

My personal highlights throughout my journey have to be the growth I’ve witnessed within myself. From an individual with limited knowledge of Lean to becoming a certified and accredited Black Belt. Working closely with SA Partners has changed the way I come to work every day and enabled me with core skills and principals that will live with me for the rest of my career. 

 Be sure to consult with professionals before beginning your journey. Don’t under estimate the value of professional services. Working with SA completely changed my mindset on how to approach a problem and allowed me to review the business I worked within in a completely different mindset. Lean has endless benefits but using the SA Partners maturity assessment you’ll ensure you target the right opportunities and make great progress from day one! 

Ben Evans, Process improvement Manager, SSE plc (Ex DCWW)

“RHA started working with SA Partners approximately 4 years ago. At the time, RHA had under gone significant change with new members to the Board, Directors and management teams. We had a desire for ambitious growth and the opportunity of diversifying our business. S A Partners helped us in a number of key areas, focussing on where we were heading and what we needed to do to get there. It’s not an exaggeration to say that S A Partners has helped transform our business. They were recommended to us by another organisation and has helped us to develop a clear path to improvement, achieving our goals, and ensuring director and manager teams work cohesively together with a strong trusting relationship. We have significantly streamlined our reporting, saving time and avoiding duplication across all levels enabling directors to spend more time on strategic issues, and managers to manage. The involvement of staff at a later stage helped them understand how their individual/dept performance measures impact on the business and why they are key. To get maximum benefit from working with SA Partners requires investment of time, and honesty regarding how your business is performing. It’s a hard but enjoyable and rewarding process, which definitely helps build strong teams. For a business that had undergone such fundamental change, it without doubt fast-tracked us onto the road of improvement”. 

Lesley Davies, CEO – Rhondda Housing Association

A case study on improving the Customer Journey at Manchester Airport Group (MAG)

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