Strategy Deployment: Moving from Current to Optimum State

Strategy Deployment

Strategy Deployment is about developing a measurement system (KPI) that drives ideal behaviours and delivers the strategy which takes your organisation from its current state, through to its optimum state. It deploys these measures across the entire organisation ensuring every individual is aligned and understands their role in delivering the strategy.

How will this be achieved?

  • Developing measurement systems that can track current performance, through both leading and lagging metrics.
  • Assign stretch targets that provoke improvement activities.
  • Consider cause and effect relationships across the Organisation.
  • Develop appropriate media that make the deployment process visual – at the point of activity.

Why would you do this?

  • Align every individual ensuring everyone understands their contribution towards organisational success.

Strategy Deployment in an organisation, setting key metrics.

STrategy deployment plan/sitemap

Level Loading in a National Distribution Centre (NDC) for Foods

This case study highlights several improvements with the reduction in agency and overtime working costs of £255k being just one of them. To read this full case study follow the link provided.

The Principles of the Lean Business System: #4 Pull

In this free to view webinar, Professor Peter Hines argues that the pull principle remains central to lean, and in the 21st century we might begin think more broadly and laterally about the pull principle.

Strategy Deployment case study at Vale Refinery

Accolade Wines Video Case Sudy

How to Impliment CI Successfully

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