Exactly how can the Shingo Discover Excellence Workshop Help Your Improvement

Below is feedback from Luke Firth, MD at Firth Improvement, who recently attended the Shingo Discover Excellence workshop led by Prof. Peter Hines.  This course was attended by a wide mix of organisations, from retail, service and manufacturing.


“Thought I’d share some insights from the two days I spent with Professor Peter Hines. and the Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water team:

1. I personally found the course content and the Shingo model very useful, but it was pretty hard to get your head around after being in the Lean universe for such a long time.
2. Some companies I’ve worked with have wondered where to go next after they’ve done a couple of waves or deployment cycles, Shingo is the next step
3. I say this because it focuses entirely on how to centre your organisation around principles and behaviours
4. This helps develop a much more sustainable culture for your improvement efforts to thrive
5. Finally, it was impressive to see how this could be used across the whole enterprise; to reshape reward and recognition. HR policies, Health and Safety, financial management and not just the process and the operations.


I thoroughly recommend the two day introduction with Peter and the team, and am seriously considering signing up for the long form course to embed the model at a practical level.”

Luke Firth, MD Firth IMprovement