Shingo, developing a deeper understanding

Once you have found out what the Shingo approach is and that it will be of value to your organisation it will be time to dig a little deeper. Working with the Shingo Institute we can you a range of courses that allow you to do this. We can offer two routes:

A. Many of our clients ask us to help them to understand:

  • What the Shingo approach is,
  • How they can develop a set Principle-based behaviours
  • How these can be deployed into the whole organisation
  • How they can identify the necessary systems and tools
  • How they can develop these systems from both a technical and behavioural point of view, and
  • How they can develop their own core operating system
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If these are the questions you have then we would recommend Prof. Peter Hines’ Masterclass. Find out more about the Masterclass by viewing our short summary and recent webinar.

This is an 8 day course split typically delivered at 4 different gemba locations.

B. Other clients ask us to help them to understand:

  • At a much deeper level than in the Discover Excellence course, how can you understand the Guiding Principles and translate them into a set of ideal behaviours
  • How do you do this for each of the dimensions of the Shingo Guiding Principles

In order to do this, we offer the following Shingo courses:

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