Robin Jaques: Finance Director

I am an LCS master coach which was completed through The Cardiff University scheme.

I have a First degree in geography and psychology, and post graduate business qualifications. I am an accredited situational leadership trainer and Soundwave practitioner.

I am a partner in the business, heading up our aerospace and defense approach. I also run our finance and governance, Responsible for keeping us running effectively.

I joined S A partners in 2000 after a long period with Airbus where I learned a lot about the complexities of working in, and developing a large company. I then moved to Dyson Appliances where we delivered 4 years of spectacular growth, coming from around £10m to nearer £200m turnover.

S A Partners has allowed me to have local work and international clients from S America to S E Asia. I’ve worked in retail head offices and stores, manufacturing SME’s, warehouses, defence and aerospace multinationals and host of others covering food, pharma and banking.

Consulting has offered up lots of development opportunism. Our offer covers the hard and the soft, process and people, and increasingly it has connected itself effectively to the strategy of the business. We have developed approaches in all of these areas and this has allowed me to broaden myself into areas such as strategy deployment and leadership development. Being an owner and partner in the business brings with it the challenges of growing your own business, and this in itself is a continual development cycle.

My biggest pleasures in consulting come from getting the right mix of support in place in a client that allows people to develop and flourish and add value to their business and to themselves. Lean, well done, is about creating the environment where people can express their ideas, try them, learn from them and create better outcomes.

Sometimes this is a few words of encouragement and guidance, sometimes it’s a complex mix of technical tools, leadership support and stakeholder management – both settings can be rewarding when people grow, achieve and contribute.

In the non work world I am married to Sarah, have 2 daughters and a dog, Rosa. I like to keep fit, love mountain biking although bits of me are complaining more about it and would like to spend more time in the hills.