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Over 1,200 companies have chosen Ireland as their strategic European base, from global giants to the biggest high-growth brands.  Ireland is a small highly globalised economy with a large exporting sector, and a significant number of multinational corporations.

fIreland finding lean projects graphicS A Partners has worked in Ireland for nearly 10 years and is led by our Region Head & Partner John Quirke.  In 2010 John joined S A Partners with over 20 years of manufacturing experience in blue chip companies. Since joining S A Partners John has continued to work with Ireland’s leading companies embedding a culture of lean and continuous improvement.

John and his team are passionate about business growth through the effective application of Lean Thinking. The team effectively transfers this passion through coaching and training workshops to client project teams ensuring effective engagement and the achievement of rapid results. S A Partners always work with clients to develop a Lean/ CI culture so that it becomes a way of life and therefore sustainable.

In today’s business environment clients are competing against global competition. It is essential to understand your competitiveness position compared to international competitors and introduce measures to maintain and improve your position in the market place.

Available Funding Supports – Enterprise Ireland & IDA Ireland Lean Business Supports

Government organisations Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland work closely with companies based in Ireland to help identify and measure competitiveness issues.

Companies can now access funding supports from Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland to help them on their continuous improvement journey.

Read the latest on funding for Lean Projects in Ireland.

Ireland regional head John Quirke at the book launch of 4+1 at the Shingo conference, with Chris Butterworth (right) and John Brent (Centre)
John Quirke (Ireland regional head), Brenton Harder (co author) and Chris Butterworth (co author) during the successful 4+1 book launch at the Shingo conference

Creating a Dynamic Improvement Culture throughout the organisation

Profit margin increased by up to 60% on a range of products

Lean transformation in a pharmaceutical secondary packaging site

Total Productive Maintenance

Our team of practitioners, led by Andy Brunskill and Peter Willmott, have many years experience in implementing TPM within Irish organisations, that deliver long lasting benefits in relation to increased OEE, and productive capacity.

Peter Willmott explains what TPM is, and how it can deliver real benefits to your organisation.

Peter Willmott explains how a typical shift may work without TPM.

The Shingo prize is likened to the Nobel Prize of improvement.  We are a partner to the Shingo Institute and run assessments and workshops around the Shingo Excellence framework.  Two of our main facilitators for Shingo delivery, Peter Hines and Gary Griffiths,  are themselves Shingo Award winners for their publication ‘Staying Lean, Thriving not just Surviving’.

What Shingo Services do we offer?

Shingo Prize Assessment

If you would like to assess how your organisation is aligned to the Shingo Prize, we are able to carry out an assessment by working with your Senior Leaders, Programme Managers and Improvement team, which is delivered through a 5 day on site workshop.
The assessment will create an understanding of how your organisation aligns to the principles of Enterprise Excellence and will also develop a customised roadmap that will enable you to move closer to Enterprise Excellence through the development of Ideal Behaviours.

Find out more…

Shingo Workshops

This particular workshop took place at Clear Stream Technologies Group Plc in Ireland, and shows how you can raise Lean Awareness by involving your employees. It highlights how the group progress through the workshop to eventually complete the stickle brick exercise in record time!

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