Region: Europe


I have been with S A Partners since 2001 and became MD of the European Business on January 1st 2012

As a European business team we have developed our consulting, training and accreditation skills to support today’s market place. Long gone are the days when companies bought S A Partners to run 5S events, the market we now serve needs sustainable continuous improvement giving our customers the ability to become more profitable and invest in their people and processes further.

My team has a wide range of skills that have been developed through working with market leading companies in retail, food, specialist manufacturing and utilities. We have people who are capable of working in both the board room and the shop floor, developing purpose, people and process throughout. Our focus with our customers is to develop systems which can re-engineer processes, redefine measure systems and engage people.

My drive is to continually develop our offering and ensure my customers and team gain the maximum satisfaction from dealing with this business. We have an excellent track record of delivering benefits customers – our most recent customer satisfaction survey shows that 75% of our customers believed we provided a better service than they expected, with 100% receiving exactly the service they asked for. Personally I learn every day…..I need to…my business is growing, my customers are demanding, and my team is developing.