Life Science

Your Challenges

  • Aging populations and chronic/lifestyle diseases are impacting demand for products and services
  • Demand for health care services is impacting the systems of delivery
  • Market restructuring and expansion in emerging markets
  • Treatment and technology advances are driving sector transformation
  • Governments and health care providers are reducing costs and budgets whilst demanding improved outcomes for patients and demanding value for money

How we can help

  • We have thus developed a solution that combines asset focused improvement, risk reduction,  ideal behaviour and robust process accountability.
  • In addition to our own consulting expertise we have strategic relationships with the Shingo institute, TWI, Cardiff University and Peter Wilmott.; enabling us to provide a holistic solution for our customers.
  • Please click on “What our customer say” to find out HOW we have helped them, or any of the icons to find out WHAT we do.

An example of what Life as an operator with 60% OEE could be like

The Application of TPM in the Life Science sector has proved incredibly successful in both reducing downtime and increasing productivity and profit.  Here Peter highlights what a typical shift looks like in an organisation that hasn’t employed this process.

A Definition of TPM by Peter Willmott

Here Peter Willmott gives his definition of TPM, what it means, how it is employed and what results are achieved.

Bristol-Myers Squibb at the Shingo Conference

Here Kris Sprague, Director of Strategy, Bristol -Myers Squibb of the Life Science sector, gives his thoughts on attending the Shingo Conference.

The next Shingo conference will be held in April 2017.

Raising Lean Awareness

This video shows how you can raise Lean Awareness by involving your employees. This particular workshop took place at Clear Stream Technologies Group Plc. It highlights how the group progress through the workshop to eventually complete the stickle brick exercise in record time!

“S A Partners brought with them the experience and ability to work across the organisation, at every level, driving a change in thinking about how we work, how we do business, and how we create customer value.”

Managing Director, Customer Services and Operations

“Our selection criteria included up-skilling our people, and the sustainability of the changes implemented. S A Partners stood out from their competitors in their ability to do this.”

Director, Process and Investment Delivery

Creating a Dynamic Improvement Culture throughout the organisation

Profit margin increased on a range of products from 24% to 60%

Lean transformation in a small pharmaceutical secondary packaging site

Enterprise Excellence Model

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