How We Work

Transform Model

We transform organisations though a blend of our consulting skill and structured offerings. [View more…]

Assess – we analyse your current state and create future state roadmaps with detailed project plans.

Solve – we deploy members of our team to work in your organisation, providing proven expertise to your improvement journey.

Train – we run customised accredited training programmes embedding our skills into your organisation.

Coach – we use our skills to coach and mentor your people to their improvement goals.

Transform Model

The Enterprise Excellence Model

We will assess your organisations maturity in terms of CI, and use different sections of the model in order to implement your bespoke programme.

The Enterprise Excellence Model can be broken down into the following sections:

Purpose – How stakeholder needs are understood and converted into strategy, the WHY

Process – How value is created and realised across the end to end enterprise

People – How people potential is realised in the organisation

Align – How strategy is deployed into the organisation and how governance is created, the WHAT

Engage – How Principles and values are translated into Leadership and Behaviours, The HOW

Improve – How the process is continually improved by the people and how problems are solved

ENterprise Excellence Model
Enterprise Excellence Model

Prof. Peter Hines talks through our latest approach to CI

The Lean Business Model

This was the bed stone of S A Partners original thinking created by Prof. Peter Hines, and identifies what we believe are the key characteristics of successful Lean organisations. This model is informed by years of academic research and practical commercial experience, and has been developed within our business as a blueprint for Lean transformation.

But what do these elements mean —what does good look like? [More…]

Lean Business Model
Lean Business Model

Prof. Peter Hines talks you through the Lean Business Model approach to CI