How habits can change culture – a new book available now

embedding a culture of continuous improvement in financial services

Many organisations have launched continuous improvement, business improvement, process excellence or Lean Six Sigma programs with varying success. The typical model is to employ an experienced external executive to engage directly with the senior leadership team, develop a deployment plan, train a small cohort of green or black belts, identify and deliver some immediate wins, build momentum with more low-hanging fruit and hope the top-down approach will permeate the organisational culture due to an obvious display of logic and benefits. Building individual capability of green belts, black belts and sometimes sponsors is a successful approach for creating a proof point that that these methods work within that organisation and its culture.

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA -winner of a Shingo Medallion 2016) and the Bank of New York Mellon (BNYM) decided that they needed to try a different approach and have had tremendous success embedding a culture of continuous improvement through the application of five simple habits. Read more

This case study is now the basis of a book co-authored by S A Partners,  Head of Asia Pacific, Chris Butterworth.

 “4+1 Embedding a Culture of Continuous Improvement in Financial Services” by  Dr Morgan L. Jones, Chris Butterworth and Brenton Harder 2017 

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Chris Butterworth and Brent Harder will be sharing the Bank of New York Mellon case study from the book at a special ‘Meet the Authors’ event in New York on 21 April. Book your free place here

Brent Harder will be presenting on the key messages at the 29th Shingo International conference in Atlanta on the 27th April.

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