Financial Services

Your Challenges

Financial Services (FS) companies are faced with the overarching challenge of recreating their businesses to become more competitive whilst being seen as a responsible service provider, taking calculated risks.

To deliver sustainable and profitable growth, they must ensure that the customer is at the heart of everything they do, from strategic decision-making, business and operational model design, to product development, service excellence and delivery.

The ability to continuously improve to stay ahead of new and disruptive new competition that challenges existing service models.

In addition to these challenges, FS companies must also excel in the face of increased regulation, capital constraints and the drive for operational efficiencies, all within the context of increased market competition.

All of this must be managed by a mostly new generation of leadership within a constantly changing industry.

How we can help

  • Continuous Improvement capability Development through learning and development programs accredited to the Cardiff University Lean Competency System. This builds the change capability in house, makes it authentic to the situation and in the long term underpins sustainability
  • Lean and Continuous Improvement Programmes to improve business and supply chain performance – providing a systematic basis for improvement
  • Lean Maturity Assessments to benchmark current performance and Road Map development programs that embed a culture of improvement – providing sustainable CI not just a series of events in response to problems or opportunities
  • Leadership, coaching and personal development programs that provide the behavioural foundation for getting the most from employees
  • Shingo cultural and behavioural change programmes – addressing the culture as the primary part of the change programme
  • Support in challenging for a Shingo Prize

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Embedding Productivity as a Way of Life in the organisation