Japan Lean Experience 2018

A One Week Study Tour Escorted by Experts

Immerse yourself in Japanese Lean Thinking and Culture in this guided week long tour of some of Japan’s leading companies, including Toyota automotive plants where we will see how customer value is the key focus, and the relentless pursuit of perfection is built into the work that each employee does.

Whether you are new to Lean or looking to take your understanding to the next level, this tour explores every aspect of today’s business from operational excellence and business modelling to customer centric challenges.

Our careful selection of hosts will enable participants to go beyond the classroom and experience Lean first hand, with experts guiding the way.

Lean is now being successfully applied in all types of service related industries. Our expert guides are experienced in retail, finance, utilities, healthcare and local government as well as manufacturing  and will make the experience relevant to you whatever your background.

The tour will comprise site visits (including a Toyota facility), presentations and discussions as well as opportunities for sightseeing.


You will have unique opportunities to share and learn how others apply flexible Lean solutions to their business in this unforgettable lifelong learning experience.

For full details download the flyer .

The tour will be escorted by our New Zealand Managing Consultant Richard Steel .

To register your interest or for any questions about the tour please email Richard richard.steel@sapartners.com