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CI in Government and Education
Chris speaking at the TAFE Directors National Conference

Chris Butterworth, education sector head, has many year’s experience working with the education sector and was the industrial program manager on the 3 year “LEAP” Applied Research Program working with Professor Peter Hines and the Lean Enterprise Research Centre at Cardiff University. He is very familiar with the challenges faced by the government and education sector. He has worked closely with the executive teams of several education institutes and areas of government and was a speaker at the 2014 TAFE Directors National Conference.

All areas of government continue to face a range of unique pressures with the challenge of meeting ever increasing and varied customer requirements whilst at the same time improving quality and driving down cost. Added to this the often perceived overly stringent regulatory requirements adding layers of complexity that can increase costs, add delays and impact negatively on the customer experience.

However, there is an approach to deal with all of these in a way that engages staff, reduces costs and improves customer experience at the same time. It may sound too good to be true but Lean Thinking offers a different perspective to help meet these challenges.

It’s not some magic answer to all the issues faced. Rather it’s about unlocking the massive potential that exists in your own people : Connecting them to a clear purpose , enabling them to design processes that focus on delivering customer value and making work productive and fun.

Louis Sylvester from Auckland Council presenting at our Sydney Conference

Current and past organisations S A Partners team have supported include Cardiff University , Kangan TAFE ( Melbourne) , TAFE SA (Adelaide) , TAFE NSW (South West Sydney), Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology ( New Zealand), Otago Polytechnic ( New Zealand) and several more.

“Great workshop which was engaging and relevant. A lot of help and guidance from the facilitators which helped us to target areas and identify how best to tackle lean implementation within our organisation”

Dianne Werden, Head Teacher, TAFE NSW SWSi

“This was the most valuable and enjoyable Lean training I have ever attended. Emphasis on business and how lean can support achievement of strategic objectives. Thank you – a great session”.

Simon Porter, Director People and Culture, TAFE SA

“This has been invaluable. I am inspired to find something small that I can work on and gain a quick win and lessons learned before I find something even bigger” .

Karen Horner, Director, TAFE SA

Lean Toolkit Case Study

This is a case study of the development of a Lean Toolkit for the Horticulture Wales Project, Supply Chain Efficiency Scheme, part of the Rural Development Plan for Wales. The S A Partners team of Dr Toni Whitehead, Dr Donna Samuel and Andy Brunskill  drew up the toolkit which introduced the fundamental principles of lean production.

CI Conference Interview

This is an interview with Rob Mc Gee, Manager Leisure at Auckland Council. Rob’s presentation was one of the highlights at last year’s conference. He told the conference about the Leisure Game plan and the engagement of the team to help deliver this. He talks about the journey from talking about Continuous Improvement, through to widespread implementation.

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