Andy Miles

I’m an engineer by training and an enthusiast of operations management in all its forms. I’ve worked in small and large organisations from steel fabrication to restaurants to jet engines with a focus on solving customer challenges and improving performance.

I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Fellowship in Manufacturing Management from Cranfield.

My next academic challenge is developing my understanding of Occupational Psychology and in particular the science behind high performing teams.

I’m driven by three things. A deep unhappiness with mediocre, respect for anyone that strives for perfection and belief in the people that do the ‘day job’ and that if we can support them in the right way it is the key to unlocking excellent performance.

Our challenge is to stay a step ahead of our clients and we work with many great companies and great teams which provides a lot of positive pressure to develop my own skills. I use the feedback from clients to better understand their needs and prioritise my own development. I set aside time every month to reflect on what’s working and what can be improved and feed that into my own personal development plan.

I have worked in all sorts of businesses and industries – it is one of the privileges of being a consultant. From swimming trunks to warships, from recycling plants to wine labels. I’m hoping my next assignment might be wine production!

My clients say they consider me to be part of their team. I hope I also retain my objectivity to constructively highlight not just what is working well but also what isn’t and how we might overcome our challenges.

I am a Partner and Head of the Utilities sector

I have one daughter, three step children and a wife that loves to run long distances faster than me which means home life is busy, tiring and brilliant.

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