Aerospace & Defence

Your Challenges

  • Workforce capability development and strategies to address workforce demographics
  • Customer or Passenger Experience,
  • Financial sustainability (i.e. Profitability) and cost pressure
  • Reducing government & civil budgets and increasing scale of support and operations
  • Changing business and support models between UK Government & its Suppliers such as availability contracting
  • Safety & reliability
  • Speed of Innovation and New Product Development
  • Environmental Sustainability (e.g. technological challenges around carbon emissions)
  • Volatility, variety and complexity of customers and their needs

How we can help

  • Capability Development through learning and development programmes Accredited to the Cardiff University Lean Competency System. This brings the change capability in house, makes it authentic to the situation and in the long term more underpins sustainability
  • Lean and Continuous Improvement Programmes to improve business and supply chain performance – providing a systematic basis for improvement
  • Lean Maturity Assessments to benchmark current performance and Route Map development programmes for improvement – providing a strategy for improvement not a series of events in response to problems or opportunities
  • Leadership, coaching and personal development programmes that provide the behavioural foundation for getting the most from employees
  • Shingo Discover Excellence cultural and behavioural change programmes – addressing the culture as the primary part of the change programme

Learning all about Shingo

S A Partners are affiliates of the Shingo Institute, and undertake Shingo Discover Excellence workshops that teach organisations how to identify and implement the necessary behaviours required that drive sustainable improvement and compete for the Shingo prize.

BAE Systems at the Masterclass

Graham Cook of BAE talks about the Enterprise Excellence Masterclass, and how Learning in multiple organisations allowed him to take that experience/knowledge back to his workplace.

Sector head, Robin Jaques talks about the Aerospace and Defence sector, and how we normally help organisations on their improvement journey.

“I’m currently living an availability dream for C-130Js & that’s because of the teamwork & relationship we have with Airbus Group AP. I know I can go in directly and touch the provider if I’m either satisfied or dissatisfied and I get an immediate response to it. So, to me, whilst there is a contract in writing, there is also a contracting relationship and that’s what I value out of your organisation, you recognise that there is a contract, but you will go beyond that and value the relationship you have with defence. And I’m not just saying that, I mean It”.

AIRCDRE W. McDonald Commander Air Mobility GroupRoyal Australian Air Force

A case study on supporting the Airbus Group AP lean journey

Identifying Key Ingredients for a successful Coach Progamme

Logo for LMR which is within a globe of the world

LMR Global specialise in customised training against global industry requirements and standards. They have been supporting the Aviation, Space and Defence sector for over a decade.

Enterprise Excellence Model

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